Terms and Conditions

Section 1 Refunds and Returns

a. After a doll is sent NO RETURNS will be accepted.
b. The deposit paid for a doll is non-refundable.
c. ALL payments once made become non-refundable.
d. Payments may not be transferred to another doll once a doll has been agreed upon and the first payment is made.
e. A partial refund of no more than half the total amount will ONLY be given if damage has been done to the doll by the artist or negligence on the artist’s part.

Section 2 Customer and Artist Responsibilities

a. Artist will work to the best of their ability to create a quality doll
b. The artist is not responsible for lost or damage items in shipping and/or damage caused by the customer to the doll.
c. All dolls are shipped with insurance and tracking number when available.
d. Artist will provide as many pictures as reasonably possible to the customer to show any details and/or any flaws there may be of the doll prior to shipping
e. If the customer is not satisfied with the provided photos and/or wishes to see a specific detail/flaw/safety picture it is the CUSTOMERS responsibility to ask for additional photos before the doll is to be shipped.
f. Customer and artist are expected to provide communication with each other in a positive and professional manner
g. Harassment or ill treatment of the artist by the customer may result in immediate termination of the contract. In this case no doll(s) or refunds will be sent to the customer
h. All customers MUST be over the age of 18 to agree these terms and conditions to conduct business with the artist. If the customer is under 18 a legal guardian must agree these terms and conditions and complete all payments on behalf of the minor. The customer is required to tell the artist if they are under 18 before any payments are made so arrangements with a legal guardian can be made

Section 3 Payment Plans

a. Doll(s) will only be started once the minimum deposit is received by the artist
b. Doll(s) will only be sent when payment is completed in full including shipping fees and no sooner
c. Payments will be made of no less than $75 or the agreed upon amount between the artist and customer
d. Payments are due the 1st of each month for monthly plans or the 1st and 15th of each month if a bi-weekly plan is in place (or previously agreed upon dates), missed/late/incomplete payments may result in the loss of the doll(s)
e. Upon agreeing to the payment plan/layaway terms the customer agrees to complete payments on the doll on time and have the doll sent to them.

f. All payment plans must be agreed upon BEFORE placing an order of a doll. not doing so may result in cancellation of the order.

Section 4 Custom Work (only applicable for custom made dolls)

a. All painting and hair will be done in the artist own style only. An attempt may be done to re-create a certain doll but as these are unique works of art there is no guarantee a match can be made.
b. Photos will be sent by the artist when; the kit is received by the artist, 2-3 progress photos, and multiple photos of the completed doll. Extra photos may be sent at the artist’s digression.
c. Once a doll is agreed upon and deposit is paid the doll will be started as per the customer’s agreed upon design to the best of the artist’s ability.
d. No changes can be made to the final design of the doll once agreed upon.
e. Upon agreeing to the Custom Work terms the customer agrees to complete payment of the doll and have the doll sent to them when finished.
f. In the event a kit is sent by the customer it may be considered the non-refundable deposit. If payment is not completed for whatever reason the artist reserves the right to hold/re-sell/send back the uncompleted kit. Attempted communication on the artist part MUST be done before re-selling the kit due to uncompleted payment. A period of 2 months of attempted communication from the date of the incomplete payment will be given by the artist before action is taken.

By checking out you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this business as stated above